can/na | Change Mail | 101 Skin | Oni | Blastx | Prime 2.0 | Recon | Ruination | Reaver |
can/na | Change Mail | 101 Skin | Oni | Blastx | Prime 2.0 | Recon | Ruination | Reaver |
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Для смены Email необходимо написать в чат на сайте или администратору

To change Email, you need to write to the chat on the site or to the adminis 

Skins  [101]: Schema Odin, Prime//2.0 Phantom Level 2, Soul Silencer Ghost, Goldwing Ghost, Varnish Stinger, BlastX Phantom, Prime//2.0 Phantom Level 3, Nitro Odin, Recon Phantom, Glitchpop Vandal Level 3, Reaver Sheriff Level 4, Prime//2.0 Karambit, Prime//2.0 Phantom, Monarch Shorty, Aero Phantom, Glitchpop Vandal Level 4, Velocity Karambit, BlastX Phantom Level 3, Reaver Operator Level 2, Artisan Phantom, Jigsaw Ghost, Jigsaw Judge, Artisan Bucky, Forsaken Vandal Level 3, Velocity Phantom, Nitro Vandal, Tigris Spectre, Forsaken Vandal, Game Over Sheriff, Live Wire Frenzy, Schema Sheriff, Oni Phantom Level 3, Forsaken Vandal Level 4, Lightwave Frenzy, Reaver Operator Level 3, BlastX Phantom Level 2, Velocity Shorty, Oni Phantom, K/TAC Operator, Reaver Vandal Level 3, Nitro Guardian, Hydrodip Frenzy, BlastX Phantom Level 4, Schema Vandal, Reaver Vandal, Hush Ghost, Recon Phantom Level 4, Hydrodip Bucky, Reaver Operator Level 4, Genesis Shorty, Reaver Sheriff Level 2, Glitchpop Vandal, Ruination Phantom Level 4, Reaver Vandal Level 2, VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Knife Level 2, VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Knife, Goldwing Ares, Glitchpop Vandal Level 2, Reaver Sheriff, K/TAC Bulldog, Prime//2.0 Phantom Level 4, Aero Spectre, Velocity Bulldog, Prime//2.0 Karambit Level 2, Forsaken Vandal Level 2, Genesis Bucky, Oni Phantom Level 2, Monarch Bucky, Jigsaw Ares, Ruination Phantom Level 2, Finesse Classic, K/TAC Sheriff, Aero Guardian, Genesis Arc, Velocity Spectre, Aero Frenzy, Varnish Bulldog, Jigsaw Guardian, Reaver Sheriff Level 3, Luxe Operator, Hydrodip Guardian, Genesis Bulldog, Oni Phantom Level 4, Goldwing Judge, Varnish Sheriff, Schema Stinger, Reaver Vandal Level 4, Goldwing Classic, Reaver Operator, Ruination Phantom, Artisan Marshal, Hydrodip Judge, Ruination Phantom Level 3, Monarch Frenzy, Monarch Marshal, K/TAC Vandal, K/TAC Blade, Recon Phantom Level 2, Genesis Operator, Varnish Judge, Recon Phantom Level 3

Agents [13]: KAY/O, Viper, Killjoy, Neon, Cypher, Raze, Breach, Skye, Omen, Astra, Yoru, Chamber, Reyna