Answers to your questions

  • 1. How to Buy a Valorant Account on ?

    1.1. Choose the product you like on the main page

    1.2. Click the Buy Product button, In the window that opens, you need to specify the number of purchased goods and your email address.

    1.3. Choose a payment method, after successful payment you will receive your product in a text document, or to the specified Email.

    1.4. Learn more on the page How to buy accanut valorant

  • 2. I bought a Valorant Account, and the data does not fit, what should I do?

    2.1. Do not worry, you need to write to the technical support of our site, providing the order number, video of the purchase and login to your account, after that our technical specialist will send you a new product.

  • 3. Do I need to shoot a Video when buying a Valorant account in the store?

    3.1. Yes, of course! Otherwise, you will not be able to prove that the data from the account did not fit at the time of purchase. We can only help you if you provide a video recording of your account purchase in our store.

  • 4. How do I get the data from my account after the purchase?

    4.1. After you buy the product in the store, the data from your product will be in a text document that can be downloaded from the site. The data is also duplicated to the Email Address you specified during the purchase.

  • 5. How do I change my email address on my Valorant account?

    5.1. For more information about changing the mail on your valorant account, see the page Changing EMail